Some coronavirus patients were hospitalized in Taiwan. Where a person goes out for only 8 seconds, he is fined 3,500 US dollars. This quarantine hotel is located in the city of Kaohsiung.

It was revealed from CCTV footage that a Filipino worker in a red dress could be seen coming out of his room for just a few seconds, then the guard came in front of him.
The laborer left the hotel for a while. He also appeared in the CCTV footage and at the same time the security guard saw him, after which he can be seen walking backwards towards his room.

Immediately after that, the hotel management contacted the health department and was fined 100,000 Taiwan dollars, which is equivalent to 3,500 US dollars or 500,000 Pakistani rupees.
This is because under Taiwanese law, quarantine is not allowed at all, and those staying in the room are not allowed to leave in any way, even for a second.
According to the health department, 56 hotels in the city have been quarantined to prevent the affected people from reaching the central parts of the country. Thus, a total of 3000 rooms have been converted into part-time quarantine. International Media reports