LAHORE: The Accountability Court (AC) in a written order in the money laundering case against Shahbaz Sharif family has said that advertisements of Nusrat Shahbaz should be displayed at various places. While seeking details of Nusrat Shahbaz’s property.

According to details, the Lahore Accountability Court issued a written order for the last hearing of the money laundering case against Shahbaz Sharif family. The Accountability Court’s Administrative Judge Jawad Al Hassan issued a four-page order for the last hearing.

In a written order, the court rejected the plea of ​​Nusrat Shahbaz, wife of Shahbaz Sharif. The court directed that the record of Nusrat Shahbaz’s movable and immovable property be submitted to the court at the next hearing by the DG NAB.

The court also ordered to initiate proceedings to declare Nusrat Shahbaz a fugitive.

The order further said that advertisements regarding Nusrat Shahbaz’s advertisement should be posted at various places. Shahbaz Sharif complained about medical facilities. Shahbaz Sharif submitted a written petition to the court on non-provision of facilities at the next hearing.

The written order said that three accused including Salman Shahbaz and Rabia Imran were deliberately not appearing in the court. The court provided copies of the pardoned witness to 10 accused including Shahbaz Sharif.