Google, the world’s largest search engine, has warned of a search engine shutdown in Australia over a financial payments dispute.

According to the Google administration, if Australia forces Content Writers to make a profit, the Google search engine in Australia will be removed.

Australian lawmakers are seeking to tax Google and Facebook to give content writers the benefit of the doubt.
As a result of the dispute between Google and Australia, last week Google removed local Australian news from the search results.

Google has said it is blocking Australian news websites for about 1% of its users, and the experiment is being conducted to test the value of Australian news services.

The spokesman said the experiments were aimed at examining the effects of Google search and the news business on each other.

The controversy stems from the fact that Australia is introducing a law requiring Google, Facebook and possibly other technology companies to pay media outlets for their news content.

Under the proposed law, Google and Facebook will be obliged to negotiate with news publishers if they cannot agree on the value of their content in the presence of a mediator.

But technology companies are resisting the law. He said the laws were too strict and would make it difficult for locals to access services.