ISLAMABAD: Major progress has been made in the manufacture of smartphones at the national level. Regulations and certification related to the manufacture of mobile devices have been drafted.

According to the details, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has prepared a draft regulation and certification of mobile phones at the local level in Pakistan. The draft aims to promote local production of mobile phones.

The PTA said that the draft would discourage the smuggling of mobile phones. The draft has been prepared in the light of the mobile device manufacturing policy and investment in the manufacture of mobile phones will be encouraged.

According to the PTA, feedback has also been sought from telecom users and stakeholders in the preparation of the draft. The public can also submit their feedback by October 5, 2020. A PTA spokesman said the company was working to develop smartphones nationally.

A few days ago, at a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on IT, the members of the committee had demanded that the PTA oblige mobile companies to call the public in installments. To which the PTA replied that they would give the license. The companies will develop 4G support phones themselves. The committee was of the view that easy access to smartphones is essential for digital Pakistan. The PTA had said that mobile manufacturing licenses would be issued soon at the local level.

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