Pakistan has embarked on a journey towards making the latest 5G Internet accessible to the common man by FY 2022-23.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority’s (PTA) annual report for 2020, Pakistan is preparing a comprehensive roadmap for FiveG technology and in 2023, spectrum for 5G services will be auctioned.

According to the report, the Corona epidemic has proved to be a boon in the sense that the digital economy in Pakistan has grown rapidly. Stakeholders and regulators have agreed to improve digital infrastructure.

The GSM Association estimates that with the introduction of 5 G technology, the share of the mobile industry in the Pakistani economy will reach 24 billion. 98% of households in Pakistan have a mobile phone.

According to IT Minister Aminul Haq, the government plans to launch 5G technology in December 2022, but experts from various fields believe that the next generation of this technology will not be possible before 5-7 years. ۔

It should be noted that Aminul Haq has made test video calls in China using 5G technology, which had excellent sound and image quality.

Note that the download speed of 5G Internet will be ten times faster than the current 3G, 4G Internet. This technology will significantly improve economic activities in the country.