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What to do if the sacrificial animal dies or is stolen?

Sacrifice is the name of slaughtering an animal at a certain time for the pleasure of Allah Almighty and His worship. Which is obligatory on every capable man and woman. The glory of self-sacrifice is mixed with it. It contains unique teachings for every believer and the path of God’s love until the Day of Resurrection

Many times sacrificial animals die or are stolen after purchase. Which is very sad. What should the victim do in this situation? What does Islam say about this?

If the sacrificial animal dies or is stolen and the sacrificial animal is already obligatory on the sacrificer, then another animal must be sacrificed. However, it is not wajib to sacrifice a new animal for the one on whom the sacrifice is not wajib. (Badayus Sanaye 4/216, Khulasatul Fatawa 4/319)                                                               When is the sacrifice?

Sacrifice is obligatory on every Muslim man and woman of adult, sound mind, who owns wealth in excess of the required amount of Nesab between 10 Zilhaj dawn and 12 Zilhaj sunset.

Accountable product

Accountable goods in the case of nesab of sacrifice are: money, gold and silver, ornaments, land that is not needed for living and food, extra houses and cars, business goods and unnecessary furniture.

How much money to sacrifice?

The amount of nesab for sacrifice is: seven and a half bharis (87.45 grams) for gold, 52 and a half bharis (612.15 grams) for silver. Nisab in the case of money and other things is: Its value should be equal to the value of 52 and a half rupees.

Gold or silver or money, if any one of them does not have a separate Nesab amount, but more than one thing in addition to the need becomes equal to the value of 52 and a half tolas of rupees, then the sacrifice is wajib on him. (Badayus Sanay: 4/196, Almuhitul Burhani: 8/455)

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In the hadith narrated by Hazrat Aisha (R.A.), the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said,

Among the acts of the Day of Sacrifice, no other act is more dear to Allah Almighty than animal sacrifice. On the Day of Resurrection this sacrifice will be presented with its horns, fur and razor. And before the sacrificial blood falls on the ground, it is accepted by Almighty Allah. So you sacrifice with a contented heart. (Tirmidhi: 149

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