173 Bangladeshis returned from Myanmar

173 Bangladeshi citizens imprisoned in Myanmar’s Rakhine prison returned to Bangladesh by sea on Wednesday (April 24). Besides, 288 Myanmar BGP, army, immigration and other members who took refuge in Bangladesh in view of the ongoing internal conflict in Myanmar will return to Myanmar tomorrow (April 25).

Repatriation program organized at BIWTA Ghat in Cox’s Bazar. Myanmar ship Chin Duin has arrived in Bangladesh with the defecting Bangladeshi nationals and will leave Bangladesh with Myanmar troops and others.

The repatriation of the citizens of the two countries is being done in the light of the decision taken in several inter-ministerial meetings led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the return of the citizens of Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Repatriation to Myanmar is proposed through the Myanmar Embassy in Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Embassy in Yangon. On the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the assistance of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the verification process of the said citizens in Bangladesh was quickly completed. First, Myanmar authorities agreed to repatriate 144 verified Bangladeshi nationals who had completed prison terms or received amnesty. However, under the special initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Myanmar authorities agreed to send back to Bangladesh all Bangladeshi citizens who have completed their imprisonment, have been imprisoned and are under trial, and have verified their citizenship. As a result, the Myanmar authorities released another 29 Bangladeshi citizens. The liaison of the Bangladesh Embassy in Yangon and the representative of the Bangladesh Consulate in Sittwe coordinated with the Myanmar authorities in this regard.

Local Member of Parliament of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Saimum Sarwar Kamal welcomed the Bangladeshi citizens who were present at Jet Ghat.

Immigration of Bangladeshi citizens who came to Myanmar by ship, other related activities including health examination and necessary activities for sending Myanmar army and other members have been completed with the help of Ministry of Home Affairs, BGB, Coast Guard, District Administration, District Police, District Civil Surgeon and other authorities. The Bangladeshi nationals will be handed over to their relatives after completing the necessary tasks.

The Myanmar representatives arriving by ship will complete the quick identification and necessary documentation of the Myanmar BGP and other members who have taken refuge in Bangladesh at the BGB’s Naikshyongchari camp on Wednesday. The asylum seekers will be handed over to the BGP members who arrived by ship in the presence of representatives of the Myanmar Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs assigned to Bangladesh.

It should be noted that so far this year more than 600 asylum seeker members of Myanmar’s BGP and military forces have been provided asylum and return on humanitarian grounds. BGB authorities have provided humanitarian assistance to Myanmar BGPs, army personnel and others who have taken refuge and arrangements for their repatriation have been taken through bilateral initiatives through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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