98 percent people don’t want data period on mobile

There are various types of data packages for mobile internet usage. 98 percent people do not want any term in these packages. An opinion poll on Kalbela’s website has revealed such results.

Kalbela Online started an opinion poll from last Sunday (April 21) on whether mobile data should have a validity period or not. About 68 thousand people gave their opinion till 3 pm on Tuesday (April 23).According to Kalbela’s opinion survey, BTRC is conducting a survey on mobile internet data packages. But many are in favor of withdrawing data expiry. What do you think? There are two answers to this question. First, should the data package have an expiration date? Second, the data package should not have an expiration date. More than 97 percent of the people supported the second answer here. And 2.34 percent of the people have given their opinion in favor of the validity of the data package.

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